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Benefits To Joining A Wine Club

Joining a wine club introduces you to a variety of wine styles, varietals, and vintages. This is a fun way to broaden your palate, but it also allows you to deepen your knowledge of your favorite regions and winemakers.

Think of the regions and producers you love the most. For example, if you find that again and again, you gravitate towards St Helena wineries, you may consider joining a wine club of your favorite winery from that area.

Here are the kinds of experiences that you can expect when you join your favorite winery’s club.

Exclusive access to exceptional wines

Perhaps the most exciting part of being in a wine club is gaining access to limited-production and boutique wines that aren’t readily available to the general public. At Wheeler Farms, our wine club members get to taste and collect our most unique wines.

The bottles offered through a wineries’ club are often carefully curated by sommeliers or winemakers. This means that you will always get high-quality wines that align with your taste preferences. Consider us your personal wine shopper!

Member discounts, gifts, and perks

Many wine clubs offer discounts on wine purchases, as well as discounted or complimentary ground shipping. If you plan on buying Wheeler Farms’ wines regularly, this can lead to significant cost savings.

In addition to discounts, many wine clubs offer additional perks like complimentary gifts, branded merchandise, tastings, and dining experiences.

Special events and educational opportunities

Wineries love to host members-only special events like exclusive wine tastings, winery tours, and wine release parties. These events are the perfect opportunity to interact with winemakers and fellow wine enthusiasts, build community, and deepen your knowledge of wine.

Many wine clubs also offer exclusive educational content like newsletters or online courses. Through digital content and in-personal education experiences, you can learn about the science of winemaking, viticulture, history, food pairings, and more.

Convenience and regular deliveries

We know that our members are so devoted to great wine that they’d happily go out of their way for it. But our job is to make your life easy and enjoyable by delivering carefully curated wine selections to your doorstep on a regular schedule.

This ensures that you always have a supply of a variety of wines on hand, for every occasion.

Supporting St Helena wineries is supporting local

By joining Wheeler Farms’ wine club, you’re directly supporting a local winery and our commitment to sustainable winemaking practices. As an environmentally conscious consumer, we know this means the world to you, and that’s what makes you such an important part of our community.


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