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Wine Grape Varieties in Wheeler Farm Wines

In the heart of Napa Valley, on land initially farmed by wine industry pioneer J.H. Wheeler in the 1800s, the present-day owners of Wheeler Farms Wines produce high-end single vineyard wines that pay tribute to that pioneering family. While the original 19th-Century winery building no longer exists, the current Wheeler Farms Winery utilizes modern-day winemaking techniques to produce its award-winning wines.

Grapes for today’s Wheeler Farm productions are produced in some of the same historic vineyards using modern state-of-the-art techniques and sustainable farming practices.

Today’s Wheeler Farms team focuses on producing the finest, most highly sought-after varietals and blends that grow best in the local terroir rather than attempting to source and produce a broad range of wines.

Wines Produced at Wheeler Farms Wines

The leading single vineyard wine production at Wheeler farms Wines is its J.H. Wheeler Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2019 vintage reflects an intense ruby red color, almost purple, with fresh dark fruit and graphite notes, and features bright acidity, textured tannins, and a rounded mouthfeel.

Another excellent option in their portfolio is the J.H. Wheeler Cuvée 1880 Napa Valley 2019, an expert blend created by Winemaker Nigel Kinsman. The blend consists of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Franc in percentages that reflect the best attributes of each grape variety.

Another current release, a delightful white wine option, the J.H Wheeler Sauvignon Blanc 2021, is produced entirely from estate-grown grapes. This aromatic wine possesses hints of grapefruit and lemon with undercurrents of ripe peach and nectarine. This varietal is a true reflection of the characteristics of Wheeler Farms’ unique, historic growing area.

Growing Conditions in the St. Helena AVA

The St. Helena AVA is one of sixteen designated American Viticultural Areas (AVAS) or growing areas in Napa Valley. Distinct growing conditions like climate, soil type, elevation, and growing seasons define each AVA.

Since certain grape varieties thrive in some conditions but not others, each Napa Valley AVA is ideal for specific varieties to flourish. Also, note that the same grape variety from two separate AVAs will possess noticeably different characteristics.

Compared to other Napa Valley growing areas, the St. Helena AVA is warmer, primarily due to wind and fog deflection created by the mountains to the west. At slightly higher than sea level elevations (200 ft to 475 ft ) and rainfall up to 40 inches per year, the growing area is ideal for the highest-quality Cabernet Sauvignon production.

Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Petit Verdot are the other varieties that thrive here and are used for Wheeler Farms wine production.

Visit Wheeler Farms Wines

Combine a trip back to the early days of Napa Valley wine production with a tour of a world-class, award-winning winery, Wheeler Farms.

Book your Wheeler Farms Experience in St, Helena and enjoy a culinary adventure created by the Resident Chef, Tom Harder, that accompanies your tasting of four different J.H. Wheeler wines.

Prospective guests and private groups can reserve their place by visiting the Wheeler Farms website or phoning the Director of Membership and Customer Relations, Stephanie Farmer, at (707)-200-8500.


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