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Spring Wine Pairings

At Wheeler Farms, we put a lot of thought into what food we want to have with our wine. Spring is a fun time to create new pairings as all of the fresh vegetables are finally getting their time in the sun.

We make high-quality wines, sourced from the best vineyards in St Helena and we’re proud to make single-vineyard Beckstoffer wines. Our wines are distinctive expressions of historical places in Napa Valley winemaking, and this spring we’re giving some extra thought into what we want to eat with them.

Wine and Food Pairing Tips For Spring

When it comes to wine and food pairing in springtime, there are a couple of things to think about.

  • What wines express herbaceous, floral, and citrus fruit? These wines will go well with bright flavors, green flavors, and fresh vegetables.

  • Acidity and cream are a match made in heaven. Choose wines with high acidity to welcome in the warmer days. Pair them with spreadable cheeses and cream-based dishes to achieve balance.

  • Think about the weight of your wine and the weight of your protein. Lighter wines will go best with lighter meats and fish, while full-bodied wines can hold their own next to heavier meats and fish.

Our Favorite Spring Wine and Food Pairings

Wheeler Farms Sauvignon Blanc and Spring Vegetables

The Wheeler Farms Sauvignon Blanc is floral and herbaceous and will pair perfectly with vegetables like asparagus, peas, sprouts, fresh greens, and fava beans. Use fresh greens from the farmers market or try a grilled asparagus salad with a citrus dressing.

Wheeler Farms Rosé and Spring Rolls

Homemade spring rolls are light, fresh, and beautiful, just like the Wheeler Farms Rosé. Made from Cabernet Franc, this rosé has a crisp quality that will compliment the bright, crunchy spring rolls. Make them with shrimp or tempeh.

Wheeler Farms Chardonnay and Spring Seafood

Chardonnay’s buttery notes and rich fruit will pair well with seafood and creamy dishes. Shrimp and scallops will hold up nicely to the full-bodied wine and a cream base will harmonize with the acidity. Try creamy seafood pasta with a garlic cream sauce.

Wheeler Farms Pinot Noir and Mushroom Risotto

Pinot Noir is the perfect wine for dishes with earthy vegetables like mushrooms. Try a mushroom risotto with spring greens like leek, peas, and chives. These greens will pair with Wheeler Farms Pinot Noir’s light body.

Wheeler Farms Cabernet Sauvignon and Grilled Meats

The weather is finally warming up and it’s time to fire up the grill. Wheeler Farms Cabernet Sauvignon’s full body and tannins will pair well with grilled meats like steak, pork, and all of your kebab ideas. Try it with grilled pork chop and a cherry reduction sauce.

Wheeler Farms Merlot and Vegetable Lasagna

Merlot’s medium body, mellow tannins, and soft fruit pair so well with cheese-heavy dishes that are brightened up by vegetables. Try it with a spring vegetable lasagna with tomato sauce and ricotta cheese.


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