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Plan a Weekend in Napa Valley

Planning a weekend in Napa Valley is the perfect way to make your summer one to remember. A weekend in Napa is plenty of time to explore the charming downtown, learn the local wine and food pairing tips, and most importantly: relax and rejuvenate.

Our perfect weekend in Napa involves a St Helena wine tasting, a hot air balloon ride, time to bumble around downtown, and a spa day. If this sounds good to you, check out our guide to the perfect weekend in our home, Napa Valley.

St Helena wine tasting

When you’re in Napa, the wines of St. Helena are not to be missed. At our section of the valley, the Mayacamas and Vaca mountains create an hourglass shape that contains a unique microclimate and allows us to make wines unlike any other in Napa. We make powerful Cabernet Sauvignon, aromatic Sauvignon Blanc, silky Merlot, and much more!

Set up one (or several) wine tastings in St. Helena and learn about our unique terroir, the science behind winemaking, and the art of wine and food pairing.

Hot air balloon ride

Get in a balloon and fly through the sky because…why not? You’re in Napa Valley, and this is the best way to see it. We recommend the flights at sunrise—watch the valley and the hillsides light up with color and change as daytime approaches. The breathtaking views and thrilling experience of floating above the vineyards will make your weekend.

Explore downtown Yountville

After floating above the valley, get grounded by walking around charming downtown Yountville. Located in the heart of our valley, Yountville is the perfect place to look for a piece of Napa to take home with you. Reserve this for a day that you’d prefer to be spontaneous, as Yountville is walkable with world-class restaurants, wineries and tasting rooms, shopping, and art galleries.

Have a spa day

Here in Napa Valley, we like to relax as much as we like to enjoy our wine. We have plenty of spas and treatments to choose from throughout the valley. Treat yourself to a soak in mineral springs, schedule a stone massage in a cave, or participate in a mud bath ritual. Whatever you feel like your body needs, Napa Valley has got it.

Eat, drink, and be merry

Here in Napa Valley, our community is tight-knit. Sometimes we pinch ourselves knowing that we get to live and work amongst such beauty. We support each other, share wine, and we always know the best places to eat. We welcome you to join us for a weekend of world-class wine and food pairing, luxury accommodations, and breathtaking natural beauty.


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